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We use battery powered mowers, blowers and line trimmers which are quieter, cleaner and less energy intensive than gas powered tools.

We will never use dangerous chemicals or pesticides on your lawn or garden so it will always be safe for your pets and family.

We use a small, light and fuel efficient Ford Transit Connect Van to get around.

We offer paperless billing.

Green Goat Lawn Care licensed and insured.

What makes Green Goat different?

Did you know that according to the US EPA using a standard gas mower for one hour emits the same  amount of air pollution as driving a new car for almost 200km.


Our electric mowers emit 3,000 times less hydrocarbons and 5,000 times less CO as gas powered lawn mowers. Also, our electric powered equipment is 50-70% quieter than gas powered lawn tools.

 Green Goat's battery powered Mean Green Mower

Service is Important to Us:

At Green Goat we are always looking for ways to improve and serve you better. Part of this commitment is offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with a part of our service we will redo that service for FREE. Green Goat serves the Comox Valley.

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